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FlashRemapping are Viezu's largest and most more developed car tuners in London as well as the Southern East of England. The experienced technicians understand the importance of a "Quality Remap" with many years of remapping experience such as engine remapping, chip tuning and chipping. Viezu'sBlueOptimize™ economy tuning software has been recognised by the Chamber of Commerce winning the regional honor for Innovation through Technology. Then you have probably already heard about the phrase "chipping. if you're a gamer," This is how people get their systems chipped such that it will play cheaper games and also games from other countries. What gamers won't know is the fact that chipping also pertains to automobiles, even though it isn't unlawful when it comes to automobiles. Whenever dealing with automobiles, chipping is also called remapping. An engineer shall remap your vehicle utilizing the motor control device, otherwise referred to as ECU. The ECU controls the fresh atmosphere and fuel combination, boost pressure on high performance vehicles, any restrictions on rate and revs. Remapping will completely change the vehicle's performance by changing the method that the engine behaves. For you if you want this done to your car, you will have to go to a remapping company who can do it. The company department specialized in remapping and so they should use the most useful computer software in the marketplace, to accomplish the process. The program that is remapping eliminate limitations added to rate and revs and it will change how the ECU controls the engine. More often than not, the business will insert a new chip into the vehicle's circuit board, but, with new technology, you will find organizations available to you who are able to do the remap having a laptop connected to the diagnostic slot, and not changing the chip outright. The whole point of doing the remap is make the vehicle faster and less expensive with how it operates. In a few cars, the remapping will imply that the motor doesn't always have to function as hard and can do better for longer. To be aware of Remap tuning ecu and Remap tuning ecu, please visit all of our page Remap tuning ecu. But these days, virtually all new vehicles have fuel injection engines being electronically managed by the ECU (motor control product). This small computer is central to the gas combustion process. The application into the ECU controls all facets of gas delivery and timing, therefore changing the application may be the place that is logical start if you are wanting to enhance motor performance. If you are tuning the motor in a pre-2000 model year car, the only way to change the ECU pc software would be to change the EPROM chip within the ECU. However, newer vehicles have an ECU with built-in software with no chip that is removable. Of these automobiles, ECU reprogramming -- or ECU remapping, because it's additionally called -- can be done through the aboard Diagnostic port without managing the engine that is delicate. Car manufacturers are often conservative within the real method they tune their cars. They program the ECU to limit engine performance to something well below what the car is built to handle. This means contemporary machines hold a surprising amount of untapped potential that is just waiting to be released. Remapping the ECU is an effective and car that is safe technique when done properly by way of a skilled professional -- plus the terms "skilled professional" may not be overemphasised! Turbo diesel automobiles would be the best candidates for ECU remapping. The advantages is impressive: energy gains of up to 35%, fuel cost savings of up to 20per cent. This means faster throttle response, better acceleration, fewer gear changes, smoother driving, and extra money in your pocket in driving terms. ECU remapping can also be worthwhile for normally aspirated and petrol-fueled cars, but the gains differ and it is best to weigh the advantages on a case-by-case foundation.